Thursday, June 11, 2015

June is for Cats!

June is "Adopt a Cat" month, so in honor of that, several of our "catastic" minis are on sale through the rest of June! All individual models of a feline nature from Babes, Sidekicks or Counterblast are 20% off. So don't pussyfoot around--get yours today!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

FUNDED - Thank You!


Thanks for making this such a great project! We appreciate all of our fans, supporters, and followers who make it possible for us to keep making cool stuff. Believe me when I say that none of this would be possible without you.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting regular updates with photos of sculpts, 3D prints, and masters as we go into production for these pieces.

There will be an update with detailed info about how to select your rewards and a step-by-step process to make it as easy as possible to get your selected items.

Also - we are currently in the process of building a new project that will be specifically for the GDF Heavy Combot as well as a few other items. We will keep you posted on that as well.

In the meantime, I'm going to take a weekend break and then start making tons of cool stuff for you all!

Thanks again!

Monday, May 4, 2015

COUNTERBLAST Heavy Support Kickstarter

COUNTERBLAST Heavy Support offers vehicles, robots, and creature miniatures to expand your Adventure Battle Games!

Why return to Kickstarter? We have all of the digital models shown ready to go into production, but digital printing, molding and mastering, and casting runs are expensive. It would take longer for us to raise the funds to put these models into production over time than if we ask for funds to make a collection of them at one time. We want to get these models to the players as soon as possible, and Kickstarter can make that possible.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mission to Safaris VII

Lancer Captain Shar’naan is wanted for dealing in black market goods. GDF intelligence has tracked the Lancer Captain and his crew to a small outpost on Safaris VII. The Lancer Captain is indeed here to acquire black market goods, rumor has it a small consignment of Fahz Jiin to smuggle in the hopes of turning a profit. He and his crew arrive to find GDF forces patrolling the outpost and in the way of their objective.


GDF Crew Roster (200 points)
Mission - Abduction 
  • Medical Officer (Leader)
  • Security Officer
  • Sharpshooter
  • Psifer - Power Blast
  • 2 Sentries
  • 2 Security Bots

Lancers Crew Roster (209 points)
Mission - Covert Action
  • Captain (Leader)
  • Lanceguard
  • Scout
  • Fixer
  • Psifer - Power Blast, Heal, Force Field

The Lancers swiftness gains them the initiative. The Scout and Captain rush forward toward their objective, a small Inhabitabubble, keeping to cover.

The Fixer attempts to move forward toward  the hut as well, but is fired upon by the GDF Sharpshooter perched atop some crates on Overwatch.

The Sharpshooter misses and the Fixer ducks among another stack of crates, returning fire, but also misses. The Lanceguard now aware of the danger, takes aim on the Sharpshooter and fires, scoring two hits which prove fatal. The GDF Sharpshooter falls, the first casualty of the conflict. The Lancer Psifer remains behind cover, but draws upon the Deep to protect the Fixer and the Lanceguard with Force Field. Her attempts are unsuccessful.

The main force of GDF surges forward. Twin security bots fire, but miss their Captain and Lanceguard targets. The stalwart GDF do not Panic, remaining intent in the arrest of the Captain and his crew.

The GDF manage to wrest the initiative from the Lancers. The Medical Officer sets the Security Bots on Overwatch from an advantageous position by a reception tower.

Before her cremates move out, the Lancer Psifer once again attempts to protect them and manages to gain shielding for the Lanceguard. The Fixer fires at the Security Bots, but misses. The Lanceguard also tries to remove the Security Bot threat and he, too, misses. The Captain wants to move forward to make his rendezvous and attempts to shoot the GDF leader, but he is interrupted by shots from the Security bots, who open fire.  One shot strikes close, but the Captain ducks behind some barrels which deflect the shot.

The Captain aims and scores 3 hits on his target, the GDF leader. Shielding deflects 1 of the deadly bolts, but 2 get through and the Medical Officer goes down. The GDF Security Officer engages the Lancer scout in melee, but neither is able to gain the upper hand. The GDF Psifer calls upon the Deep and Power Blasts the Lancer Captain, causing a wound. Both GDF Sentries shoot at the Captain, but their hits are deflected.

The Lancers gain initiative. The Lancer Scout manages to successfully disengage, retreats a short distance away from the Security Officer and fires at him, but misses. Meanwhile the Lancer Captain makes a run for it and reaches the doorway of his destination. The Fixer moves forward taking a shot at the Security Officer, but misses. Fortunately for her and the Lanceguard, the Lancer Psifer is able to put shielding on both of them. The Lanceguard scores three hits on the Security Officer. Two get through, taking the Security Officer down. Both GDF Sentries and the GDF Psifer charge the Lancer Captain, determined to make their arrest. The Captain gets a few shots off before they reach him, managing to cause a wound to the GDF Psifer. A furious melee ensures with no one gaining the upper hand. Both Security bots move to shoot at the Lancer Scout, but miss.

The Lancers gain the initiative yet again. Their Scout aims takes down the GDF psifer. The Captain remains in melees with the two GDF sentries. The Security bots attempt to pin down the Lancer Scout, but cover negates both hits. The Lanceguard attempts to take out a Security bot, but misses. Both GDF Sentries press the Captain in melee, but gain no advantage. The Lancer Psifer attempts to call upon the Deep to Power Blast a Security bot, but is unsuccessful. The Fixer aims and fires at a GDF Sentry, but misses.

Once again the Lancers quickness serves them well. The Lancer Scout aims and fires, taking down one sentry. The Captain remains locked in melee with the remaining GDF Sentry. The Lancegaurd manages to score a damaging hit, finally taking down one of the Security Bots.
The remaining Security bot fires at the Scout, but misses. The Lancer Psifer attempts to Power Blast the Security bot, but is unsuccessful. As the Security Bot remains a threat, the Lancer Psifer manages to shield the Lancer Scout with Force Field. The Fixer tries to do her part, firing at the Security bot, but the bolt is deflected by its tough armor.

The Lancer Scout shoots the Security bot, but the hit is deflected. The Captain remains in melee with the GDF Sentry who manages to cause a second wound to the Captain. Taking careful aim, the Lanceguard finally manages to take down the remaining Security bot. The Fixer races toward her Captain to aid him while the Lancer Psifer moves within range of the GDF Sentry and strikes him with Power Blast, taking him down.

This cleared the field for the Lancer Captain to acquire his stash and the crew made off with the goods.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Restocks and Kickstarter

Scout Ship Restock
Last chance to get this limited kit!

There were a limited number of castings remaining after the final set of molds were made and this is it. We have a handful of kits put together from those castings and the molds are now retired. Once these are gone, no more will be produced. So, jump in the pilot seat and fire up the ultonium power core one more time!

Get this kit in the web sore while stock remains - ISW-64F Scout Ship - $49.99 USD

We've been busy at the Bombshell Factory churning out Rocket Bikes, Scutters and Big Stompy Robots. If you're ready to beef up your Counterblast crews with some Heavy Support, look for the project launch in May!

West Wind will be at SALUTE in stand TN-09 and will have a selection of Bomshell Miniatures. Be sure to drop by for a chat! Here is a map and details of where to find them.

-- Patrick

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Releases for April

We are currently sanding off the edges from the first section of the upcoming Mission Directive supplement. This first section is the Hero Builder module. A link to the PDF download is posted below which offers a system for players to create their own Heroes to use as Leaders and characters in their Adventure Battle Game crews. This module is the Beta test download and we welcome input and feedback to make the Hero Builder run smoothly.


There are new painted images of 10036 - Candy the Mobile Sniper sculpted by Chad Hoverter and painted by Mary Profitt.

We have uncovered a small cache of Scout Ships. Look to see them added to the web store shortly.

As seen at AdeptiCon! 10037 - Serina the Mermaid is now available in the web store. Painted by Mary Profitt and sculpted by Patrick Keith.

Also seen at AdeptiCon was the Jungle Elf on Raptor. This model will be heading off for molding and casting soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


March marks one year since we funded the initial Kickstarter project to produce the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game. What better way to celebrate this month than to release a whole slew of COUNTERBLAST related things! You can learn more about COUNTERBLAST  here.

All this month the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game Core Rulebook is on sale for 20%! This book includes the Rulebook PDF.  We have also discounted the Core Rulebook PDF to $5.99. Each of the five Faction Core Starter Sets are also 20% OFF. If you missed out on the Kickstarter project, now is the best time to jump in and try out COUNTERBLAST! The SALE items are here.

From the previous post you will know that over the last several months we have been working tirelessly here at Bomb Squad Central to create the FREE Addendum 1.1 rules supplement. Today we can say HERE IT IS!

This Addendum 1.1 PDF replaces, enhances, and clarifies some of the rules listed in the COUNTERBLAST: Adventure Battle Game Core Rulebook. It is more than just an errata file. The main focus of this document is to address the posts in the Facebook Group as well as all of the questions from the Forums to make sure the engine runs as smoothly as possible. We have been going through the rules and crew lists with a fine-toothed comb to make sure as much material is corrected and clarified to make the game as playable and as fun as possible.

It also features printable Tokens & Counters, Templates, Gameplay Summary reference cards, Psionic Powers Cards, and Crew Rosters for use in the COUNTERBLAST™ Adventure Battle Game.

What's more we have included all new Psionic Powers Cards that have updated stats and rules from the Addendum supplement. All of the various factions also have all new statcards which have been been added to the web store as well. These new cards replace all of the old cards printed in the book and have been formatted to make them easy to print and cut out.

Due to the minor adjustments and tweaks involved in the clarifications it was best to work up new statcards for everyone. So, you can download the PDF files here with all of the updated faction statcards.


But wait, there's more!

Dr. Zardov and the Robot Menace is now available as its own Lancers Crew. This mad scientist terrorizes the Outer Reaches with his hordes of robots menacing the citizenry. His lust for immortality resulted in an accident that left his brain trapped in a mechanical body. He's more machine now than man, twisted and evil.

36030 - Dr. Zardov - $9.99
33009 - Lancers Robot Menace Set - $49.99

This set contains everything to make Dr. Zardov's Robot Menace Crew
  • 1 Dr. Zardov
  • 1 1ST1 Bot
  • 1 2ND1 Bot
  • 2 Bde Bots
  • 3 MInE Bots
  • 3 plastic domes
  • 1 Cybrain sprue
  • 1 Particle Beam Weapon sprue
  • 1 Equipment & Tools sprue
Set also includes FREE download of the Beta Statcard page PDF you can print to play.